Who We Are

Established in 1992, Perfection has shaped the skyline of the United Arab Emirates with exceptional designs and creativity.

Our Story

In September 1992, Mr. Abdalla Abdalhafiz Hamad started Perfection with the dream of making his mark in the booming architecture industry of the young United Arab Emirates.

After working for the Town Planning Department’s Design Section in the government of Abu Dhabi for 17 years, Mr. Hamad felt it was time to move on to greater challenges and more prosperous projects.

With the stewardship of the businessman Mr. Mohamed Babker Hamad, he started Perfection Architecture with a handful of projects in Abu Dhabi that kicked of a successful consultancy with an extensive portfolio of projects in the region.

Perfection Architecture has worked on private residential, multi-storey residential, retail, commercial, and industrial buildings projects and has gained a reputation for excellent design and engineering.

With 25 years of local & international professionaL experience, Perfection has realized hundreds of projects across the United Arab Emirates, Sudan and New Zealand.

Our Vision

Is to satisfy our clients and realize their dreams by designing projects that make them proud.

Our Mission

We believe that it is our duty not to compromise our creativity and values in our design as architects and engineers. We take great pride in realizing our clients’ dreams through practical budgetary planning and innovative designs.
We choose the right technology and design philosophies for our projects to ensure timely delivery on budget, and to exceed our clients expectations.

Architecture is a creatively demanding profession where the sky is the limit.
At Perfection, we take great pride in our work. We challenge ourselves to push the limits, and in this challenge we gain the satisfaction of knowing we did our greatest work. For us and our clients.

Abdalla Abdalhafiz Hamad – Founder & CEO
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